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Our Expertise

Real Estate Econometrics is well-versed in all aspects of the real estate/land development process from determining the market and land acquisition through planning and development and finally marketing and land disposition.  The company's qualifications offer a broad range of experience to assist the land owner in generating the optimal price level and product mix to maximize the value of and profit from their land.
Assessment Methodology Development

Real Estate Econometrics is well versed in the development of the various assessment methodology reports having generated over 50 reports for community development districts, fire districts and county governments.  These methodologies determine the first lien status of assessments levied on properties from those various government entities.


All assessment methodology reports adhere to the two-tests for lienability requirements of a valid assessment methodology and address both the general and special benefits that are created by the improvements being financed.


Our assessment methodology reports go into great detail in determining the special and peculiar benefits that a property receives from the improvement, thus determining the first lien status of the assessments.


Also included with the report is expert witness testimony during the bond validation process.







Land Development Support

Real Estate Econometrics can assist you with all aspeects of the land development process including:


  • Land Acquisition and Financing

  • Proforma creation

  • Infrastructure planning and development

  • Product Mix/Market Determination

  • Amenity Mix

  • Marketing Plan Development and Execution

  • Builder Programs

  • Realty Company Recommendations



Entitlement Support

The entitlement process can be daunting. Real Estate Econometrics can help you traverse the entitlment process minefield through recommendtions of entitlement process team members and provide entitlement-related reports such as:


  • Commercial Needs analysis

  • Affordable Housing calculations

  • Supporting Market Studies

  • Tax Increment Financing determination

  • Innovation Zone calculations




Community Development District Management

A Community Development District (CDD) is a local, special purpose government framework authorized by Chapter 190 of the Florida Statutes as amended and is an alternative to municipal incorporation for managing and financing infrastructure required to support development of a community.  Community Development Districts also take similar forms in other states around the country.


Real Estate Econometrics has an in-depth background in community development districts from formation to management.


In the formation stage, Real Estate Econometics focuses on the determining the board make up, Identifying what can be financed, recommending the district team and developing the statements of estimated regulatory costs.


Management expertise includes holding meetings, setting budgets, record keeping, filings with local and state jurisdictions, assessment methodology determination, assessment roll keeping, interface with local tax collector, and managing the day to day operations of the district.

Fiscal Impact Analysis

Real Estate Econometrics has in-depth experience in forecasting the fiscal impact of a real estate project on a governmental entity.  Intricate modeling is used to determine the fiscal impact both capital and operational resulting from the development of a real estate project. 


Fiscal modeling can also used to determine tax increment financing amounts. And fiscal modeling can also calculate point in time fiscal impacts. Our fiscal models are calibrated to the governmental jurisdiction where the project is being developed.

Litigation Support

For the past 10 years, Real Estate Econometrics has provided litigation support in many real state litigation cases from mold mitigation to insurance claims damages. Experience in this work includes the economic valuation of damages determination and the forensic economic analysis of other expert's work. Litigation support work product has ranged from report generation to actual deposition and courtroom testimony. 


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